Monday, April 27, 2009

Who Should/Shouldn't Get a Netbook?

The Story
You may not know some of the post on are being posted by a Netbook (I have the Dell Mini 9). Also, some people may be confused between Netbook vs Notebook. When they try to make a purchase, they will wonder why the screen and hard drive are so small, why there is no DVD-ROM and CPU seems too slow. In normal situation, Netbooks are devices designed purposely for the Internet, to communicate, and view information. They have in common a compact form factor with light-weight, longer battery life and they may contain more than one wireless method to connect to the Internet.

I understand I shouldn't be too technical at on my blog. So, I kinda make it simple

People who will love Netbook
• Hangout at Starbucks and update your Facebook at the same time.
• Keep chatting with friends all day while share the youtube video you like with them
• Travel to other companies with PowerPoint while they provide you a projector only.
• Like to watch portable DVD player but too lazy to burn downloads to DVD.
• Wanna get updates for the score of the baseball team while drinking with friends
• Update the blog which wife/husband sleeps next to you.
• Hack other people's WIFI network (oops)

People who will think Netbook sucks.
• Think they can do video or photo editing (Man... get a desktop)
• Burning games, videos, music downloads to CD or DVD a lot.
• Think Warcraft, Crysis or Sims 2 is their life.

If you are a Netbook person, I find the new released Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix to be the best Operating System among Windows and Apple. Take a look at the beautiful desktop below.

Ubuntu 9.04 is a free OS with ultra fast boot up time and able to get the job done nicely. You can download and Install if by yourself if you have some OS installation experience. On the other hand, if you know me in person, I can do that for you as usual and please make sure you backup all the important data.

p.s. If you ask me what Netbook you should buy, Dell Vostro A90 is my suggestion at this moment. Click Here to shop Vostro.

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