Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great Night Shot with Star Effect

The Story
Friends ask me how to get great night shot with a SLR.

The Solution
I think most people know a tripod will be the great helper in this kind of situation. A tripod allows user to shoot at slower shutter speed with a clean shot. I would like to add something more on top of this - A Star Effect.

Lets take a look with the following example.

How to get a star effect
The example above has not been photoshoped, what you see is what I shoot at that moment. You see the lights become a beautiful stars and make the photo get the WOW effect which can be done very easily. A small aperture can make the bright light source become star shape. I use f/29 with 15sec for this shot. Usually, f/11 or smaller f-stop should be good enough to get the star effect.

If you like this photo, you can download the original file here.

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