Saturday, May 30, 2009

Instruction to Get 5D Mark II for $2499 from Amazon *Expired*

The Story
Friend told me he heard Amazon is selling Canon 5D Mark II Body for $2499 with Free Shipping, But when he check the price, its over $3500.00.

The Reason
First of all, Amazon is out of stock (ship around 2- 5weeks). That is the reason if you search 5Dmark2 from Amazon you will see $3000+ from seller other than amazon.

The Solution
To Make it simple, you can click the link here and you should see similar as below on your right hand side.
Click "Add to Cart". When you check your shopping cart, you will see $2499 with free shipping just like the image below. :)


My 2 cents.


  1. How does it get to be that price and does Amazon ship it or some other store?
    I'm confused...where does that link come from?

    Since Amazon is out of stock otrher resellers show up at $3000 so how does Amazon get it at $2499? And from whom?

  2. Sorry the deal expired.