Sunday, October 18, 2009

Milky Way Time-Lapse Video done by SLR

The Story
Friends invited me for a trip for Milky Way. We went to Joshua Tree National Park on 10/17/2009. Away from city light with New Moon on that night leave us a clear sky perfect for Milky Way shooting. That was the first time I try to shoot time-lapse with SLR camera as well. Lets look at the result below.

Milky Way Time-Lapse Video

What I did
Manual Focus was set to infinity.
Make sure the camera sit on a firm tripod
Shutter speed set to 30 sec with f2.5
ISO set to 1250
Let the camera shoot continues for 3hrs

What to improve next time
Get the timer remote cable. (My cable didn't arrive on time, I just shot the shutter pins)
Check focus in detail with test shots.
Push ISO even higher, possible 2500
reduce shutter speed to 15 sec to avoid the star trails on each shot.

I am happy with the result even I did make a lot of mistake. I hope I can improve next time.

Highly recommend to get the Timer Controller like this to make your life easier. Make sure it compatible with your camera.


  1. Hi Jacky,

    I am very impressed with you first attempt of astro time lapse. This is something I am keen to do as well. I have been involved with astronomy for many years including running a commercial observatory. I to have a 5D2 and I was interested to see the settings you used.
    I am also interested to find out the authoring program you used to make the video out of the still shots.

    Regards and thanks in advance,

    David Nicolson

  2. ++Hi David,
    I have my 28mm f1.8 lens on the 5DMarkII, using ISO1250 with f2.5 to shoot 30sec each shot. After I went home, I just put that together using QuickTime Pro 7. Go File --> Open images in sequence.

  3. Here's what f/1.4 @ 3200 for 10 seconds gets you with a 5d2:

  4. Wonderful.

    More then the time lapse I love how you shared what you did, and what you learned.

    Thanks for being so helpful.


  5. yours is so clean, what lens is it?

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