Monday, October 26, 2009

Snow Leopard on Netbook

The Story
Friends keep asking if I can help with install MAC OS on their Netbook. Actually, the process is much easier than they think. I make a instruction video, so everyone can DIY.

The Video

Links to the NetbookBootMaker


  1. Hi Jackie,

    this is truly mindblowing but I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind, before I rush out and buy a netbook!

    Will this work on a Mini 10?
    Will this be able to run Aperture/Photoshop as it would make a perfect companion for location shooting?

    Your star trails vid it truly excellent as well. I stumbled across it on dpreview

    Many thanks


  2. Mini 10 will work will minor tweak. However, netbook is going to be too week for photo processing.

    Thanks for visiting my site

  3. Hi Jackie,

    This video is awesome but I was wondering will the webcam on the Mini 10 work with ichat?

  4. Hi Collin,

    I can't confirm about Mini 10. But webcam on Mini 9 works fine.

  5. Will this work on an Acer Aspire One?

  6. Is it safe to make this on ANY netbook with +1.6GHz processor?
    Say yes and Mac OS X will be on my netbook in a minute.

  7. mac os x is compatible for samsung n150 ja07 ??