Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spider Holster Unboxing

The Story
I have been using R-Strap as a fast & quick release strap for my camera. Recently, I found there is a Spider Holster available. I got one and did the unboxing video for you if you are wondering what it looks like.

I put it on a field test with my 5D2 + Lens (over 5lbs), it does what it says on its website. However, as I mentioned in the video, there could be room for improvement. If you are planning
to put your camera on a tripod with this, please make sure you don’t have a big tripod mounting plate. Otherwise, the Spider Pin will be in the way when you try to mount it.

Strong build quality, nice finishing
Able to hold heavy SLR even if you need to run/jump around
The release lock is a great design
Comes with the mounting tools

Won’t be able to mount on big tripod plates
It may block the battery grip door

You can check more info from or if you think this product is kinda over kill for you. I recommend R-Strap and you can get it here for $54

Update: Shortly after I made this post, Shai from Spider Holster made a comment and provided the correct instructions for the product (read the comment). I'm really impressed by their quick response to customer review and I believe they are a very innovative and responsible company. Highly recommended and I will definitely buy from them again.


  1. Aloha!
    Thank you so much for the review of our Spider Holster. We are sure you will find it very useful to you with either carrying one or two cameras (especially if you are carrying two!..) and in shooting various events. So again, thank you.

    Just a small note--you ARE NOT suppose to turn the Spider plate around (see instruction booklet please) the Plate's "arms" should ALWAYS point towards your lens. It is the best way to carry your 5dMkII and other square body cams/lenses.. and is used right--will not block your battery door..

    Our plate was designed and is operating with most small/medium quick release type tripod systems.. and yes, we will improve on it in the very near future.
    Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks Shai - Spider,
    I will definitely take a look at the instruction booklet. I am impressed with your customer service and quick response to the market review.

    Thanks again, I will stay tune for your new product release.

  3. Interesting. worth a try!