Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Camera Which Fits in My Pocket

The Story
Every camera has its own strength. Some cameras get you WOW image quality, some get you super zoom range... We may not need to have the one which can get us the best images in the world while you should find one which really fit your shooting style. The follow image is capture by Canon S90.

The Sample

Where did I get this image
I was away from the city at Joshua Tree Park to prepare another time lapse video for milky way with my big SLR camera. I have this baby (Canon S90) with me while I was spent 5 hrs waiting there. The image above was captured with a far away campfire light source. You should be able to see stars shining in this quiet envoirment with the clear sky.

I am not saying this is the best camera. However, it's low light performance + full manual control was really able to help me to get the job done. Did I mention this small size camera actually can fit in most pockets?

If this camera fits your style, you can get this camera from here for $428 shipped.


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