Thursday, January 14, 2010

Macbook Pro 13" + Intel X25-M Unboxing & Installation

The Story
A friend saw my Macbook pro and was wondering why it feels like it has a supercharged engine with outstanding performance. I got the macbook pro as a Xmas gift from my wife last month, and did the unboxing video although I didn’t upload to youtube. Since my friend is asking about it, I put all the small video clips together and uploaded it all at once.
This final all-in-one version includes the following:

Macbook Pro 13" Unboxing
MBP boot up time with stock HD (37sec)
Intel X25-M Unboxing
SSD upgrade process for MBP 13"
MBP boot up time with SSD (15sec)

The Comment
Is it worth the upgrade? Yes, "My SSD Rocks!"

You can get the Macbook Pro here and the Intel X25-M here.

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