Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Canon L?

The Story
A friend asked me why I recommended $600 70-200mm f4 L last week, while you can get 70-300mm with IS (non L) around the same price. In order to answer this question, I have to go a little bit more into technical details.

What is Canon L glass?
L series lenses offer higher optical quality than their non-L equivalents, and have an important technical aspect in common. At least one element in every L lens is made of one of the following:

fluorite crystal rather than glass
ground aspheric lens element
ultra-low dispersion glass

Most L series lenses are also sturdily built - many are encased in metal barrels and are weatherproofed - and most are very fast lenses for their focal lengths. Nearly all telephoto L series lenses are also off-white rather than black.

Following is lens construction of 70-200mm f4 L and it shows the lens has 1 fluorite and 2 ultra-low dispersion glasses which indicates this lens should come with outstanding optical characteristics to produce high quality images.

For more detailed info, please visit Canon EF L Series site here.

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