Friday, March 5, 2010

Sigma DP2s Available Pre-Order for $699 Shipped

The Story
For those who have been reading my blog since earlier 2009 should notice I used to be a Sigma shooter before I got my Canon 5D Mark II. I used to shoot with a Sigma SD14 & Sigma DP1 and I was very happy with the images produced by both. At the PMA2010, Sigma announced the release of three new cameras: the SD15, DP2s and DP1x.

I might get the DP2s since I skipped the original DP2. I really love the color from the Foveon sensors, and those who doesn't know what a Foveon Sensors is, can see my older post here. The DP2s comes with a focal length equivalent to 41mm in a 35mm camera, this focal length is more suitable for snapshots and portraits compared to what I find is missing from my DP1. If you want to get your hands on the camera with Foveon sensor, you can pre-order the new Sigma DP2s for $699 Shipped.

p.s. Sigma SD15 can be pre-order for $859 Shipped

Official site for DP2s:
Offical site for SD15:

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