Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tip of the Week

Selecting Your First DSLR - Brand
Many of you would like to get a Digital SLR to enjoy the photography fun. However, buying the first SLR camera is not purely base on the spec of the camera and pricing. Example: You may find the entry level SLR from Sony cheaper than Canon/Nikon while it still provide good image quality and decent functions. But is that a right choice for you? Maybe not...

For compact point and shoot cameras, most people would just buy the camera and that's it. Since DSLR camera lens and accessories are not interchangeable between brands, buying the first DSLR is more like a investment in a system instead. A likely scenario: At first you’ll get the camera body and the included kit lens. Then you’ll buy a telephoto lens; then a flash; then a wide-angle zoom; then a prime lens; another flash; a remote release; a vertical grip; another prime lens; and so on.

So in time, you’ll most likely buy new camera bodies while keeping the lenses and other accessories you already purchased. Because of that, you’ll be less likely to “jump ship” from one brand to the other (technically you can, but you’d be wasting A LOT of money).

Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic are five main DSLR manufactures. However, I suggest you stay with either Canon or Nikon, since they have a full system build up with 3rd party lens manufactures to support. Companies like Sony sell cheaper bodies, but you need to pay premium for their lens in the future. It's your choice to pick which brand you are going for and I am just giving you the idea about how it works. It is your responsibility to check each brand's strategies and find the right body to start with, since things may change from time to time.

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