Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY iPad Car Mount

I made this DIY iPad Car Mount video on the day I got my iPad 3G and I forgot to post it here. After 3days, I found there are over 8000 views from youtube. I thought you might be interested in it as well.

This video shows you how I managed to use a string to hold the iPad on my car dashboard. This solution should be able to be applied to most cars unless your car has special designed dashboard. It holds the iPad very firm and allows you to remove the iPad easily.


  1. Thanks for sharing the great idea! Nice DIY solution!

    I haven't got an iPad yet however I'm actually thinking about the same thing - for rear seat entertainment. The strings will be tied to the headrest poles. And since my stereo system has the bluetooth iphone integration, I guess it should be able to work with the iPad as well as bt headphones incase the driver (me) needs some quiet time driving.

  2. Pretty slick! Now I need a iPad for my Subaru...

  3. Thank you!
    I have been surfing all over the web to find a solution so that both my kids could watch a movie while I drive, and tadaaaa.... I will put a piece of string (strong) between the two headrest and will manage something similar.
    Pretty clever. Thank you for sharing, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and technology makes us forget that....
    warmest regards from Switzerland

  4. I just purchased a GPS navigation app a week ago and have been using it by holding up my iPad when needed. I travel a lot by plane then by car so carrying a holder is not the best solution. Your idea is great! Not only it is inexpensive, yet it is easy to be mobile. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  5. Wow...thanks, great idea...will test out tonight

  6. I wish u showed the whole process. I'm not tht good with tools, it would really help.
    But thanks for the tip.

  7. Hi

    Nice and easy solution - pardon my stupidity here but how did you manage to tie the string inside the vent- as thats how it looks on the vid.......ti guess its easy to get the string in but how do you get out.....can you post a vid on how you did it.


  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have tried all kinds of crap to mount my IPad on the dash of my Honda Element. Your idea to use string through the vent is brilliant. It works like a charm. Not easy to put the string ( 2 -54 inch black shoe laces) throught the vent put persistence prevailed. I cut up a wire coat hanger and put a small hook on both the ends. Just put them both in, hook the ends, wrap the ends of the shoe laces around one end of a coat hanger and pull around.

  9. I'm with AZ, I don't get what the string is attached to. I feel stupid for asking but I'd like to pass this tip on to my husband who has already rear ended a car looking at the Nav app on his ipad! Thanks