Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easier way to check iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility

More than one friend asked me how to check if they are able to get the iPhone upgrade with discounted offer. If you are a current At&t iPhone customer, there is a easier way to check if your line is eligible or when it will be eligible for an iPhone 4 upgrade, which means you can pay $199 for 16GB or $299 for 32GB iPhone4.

Step 1,  try to call *639# from the phone screen

Step 2, press Dismiss while you waiting for At&t server's respond

You will get a message reply from At&t in less than 2 mins saying whether you are eligible or not.  The following image shows you are not eligible now, it tell you the date (black out area) when it will be eligible.

Please note that you will be able to pay $200 more for an early upgrade even if you are not eligible at this moment.

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