Friday, June 4, 2010

I am using Google Chrome

Needless to say, the most frequently used program on your computer is the Internet Browser. Since this browsing experience is related to user behavior and its pretty hard to change for normal people, you may need to think twice before selecting which browser program to use. I believe most of you are using Internet Explorer while some people using Firefox and maybe its time for a change.

Why I don't use IE
I kinda stopped using IE in the pass 3-4 years beside at work. IE get attacked by malicious websites easily. Some attack utilizes IE drag-and-drop & ActiveX features to copy executable file to a user's Startup folder, from which it would execute the next time the user logged on. (That's one of the major reason your computer gets infected by virus after browsing unsafe websites). In short, IE is tied in so close to the operation system it will have higher security risk than the other browsers.

Why I pick Chrome vs others
Chrome focus on S.S.S. Which means Speed, Simplicity, Security. I am not going into detail to compare the different browser's performance here but Google Chrome did make it very clear of their goals for you and you can feel it from their latest version 5. Followings are the reason I am using Chrome now.

  • Mulitingual Web Surfing

  • Cross Plathfrom (Windows, MAC, Linux)

  • HTML5 Support

  • Bookmark & Preference Sync

  • Google Extensions

  • Address Bar (Search & Navigate from the same Box)

Other browsers may have similar functions that I mentioned above. However, Google Chrome has them all in one package. Also, I believe Google will take Chrome as the first step of Cloud Computing and we will see a more clearer picture when Chrome OS is released later this year. If you haven't tried Chrome yet, download from the link here and give it a try. After all, if you don't like it, you can always uninstall it very easily.

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