Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iOS4 Push Notification fix (for Unlocked Phone)

People talk about unlocking iOS4 on iPhone 3G/3Gs and a lot of sites provided instruction already. But I would like to show you how to fix the push notification if it fails after the unlock.

Following are the directions for how to fix your unlocked iPhone.

1, Make sure you’ve jailbroken and unlocked your iPhone 3G/3Gs with iOS 4.
2, Make sure you dont have any app which uses push function on your iPhone. If yes, remove all of them first.
3, Open up Cydia, and add this address to the sources: http://cmdshft.ipwn.me/apt as above
4, Once Cydia is done updating, go to the search field and type in: Push Doctor. Tap it, and then press install.
5, Wait until complete download and install.
6, Restart your iPhone.
7, After restarting, you may install any app which support Push function. e.g. Meebo
8, Run the installed app and it will tell you to enable Push Notification by Tapping Settings.
9, Tap Setting and enable it.

Push Notification should work by now.


  1. highly appreciate ur hints ... keep it on.

  2. wooooooow :D thanks it work for me :)

  3. thx man, really worked :)
    thumbs up :D

  4. Thanks so much. I couldn't figure out why I didn't have Push notifications or how to get them back until I read this

  5. That's really good. It saved my time.

    Now i am able to get push notification for installed apps.


  6. What happens if you don't uninstall push apps first? Are you SOL?

  7. i followed all the steps but my iphone 3g still not showing me push notification. i tried all types of softwares like push doctor,push fix.still nothing happing......plz help me

  8. doesnt work on baseband 6.15 ?