Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Macally iPad Case unboxing

Since the Apple iPad Case is in shortage at this moment, I am going to show you an alternative solution from Macally. The above video shows you the unboxing of the case and side by side comparison with the Apple original.

What I like
the Color
the better fold angle (horizontally or vertically) for viewing video or typing

What I don't like
the front cover is too soft
get dirty easily due to its microfiber material
not able to cover the edges of the iPad 100%, it only covers the 4 corners

If you can't wait for the original iPad case from Apple, you can get Macally for $40 Shipped here

p.s. I am really sorry I keep pronouncing Ma"cathy" instead of Ma"cally" in the video.

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  1. Hi there - My name is Jacky too! I just bought an iPad saw your youtube video for the $.50 iPad car mount.

    Excellent video reviews and fast-forwarding! What do you use to edit your movies? My website is at (I have one video at the bottom) but want to do some more reviews too of tennis rackets.

    - Jacky