Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to root HP Touchpad

Alohaeveryone, I haven't updated this blog for a long time but I would like to share the instructions of how to root a HP Touchpad since friends kept asking me.

Step one - put your device in developer mode
1, go to setting
2, click "device info"
3, click "device info" pull down manual (located top left corner)
4, click "custom application"
5, type ##3386633#
6, turn on developer mode (slider option, located top right corner)
7, click submit without entering password (if it doesnt work, try again until the slider option stay on but not grey out)

Step two - log in as root(admin) from computer
1, download and install webOS SDK from here

2, Download and install Java here

3, Download novacom
For Windows 32-bit, download novacom-win-32.tgz and install novacom with NovacomInstaller_x86.msi.
For Windows 64-bit, download novacom-win-64.tgz and install novacom with NovacomInstaller_x64.msi.
4, connect touchpad to your computer
5, click "cancel" from top right corner to cancel USB Drive mode
6, browse to C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\terminal and run novaterm.bat
7, now you are logged in as root of your touchpad.